Wine Country for Kids – Yountville

So, you’re headed to the wine country, but you’re packing some rather active baggage (read: your children) Never fear, the wine country is very kid-friendly!  We go all the time since we are blessed to live just an hour away from this incredible area and take our kiddos almost every time we go.  (Hey, you gotta teach them to appreciate wine at an early age, right?!) 

In Yountville, they have an adorable little park with a fabulous playground that our two year old just loves!  It’s right on Washington Street on the North side of Yountville, just a few blocks up from Bouchon Bakery.  The park has a few picnic benches and a large grassy area that’s perfect for letting your little balls of endless energy run it out for a bit after so much time in the car.  The park also has lots of great slides, climbing structures, seesaws, tunnels/tubes, swings and ample sand to in which to play.  (Insider Tip:  This park gets really warm when it’s sunny out because there isn’t a lot of shade on the playground area, so pack your sunscreen and a hat!)

We’ve been to the park several times on trips up to the wine country and our little Bean has loved it every time.  And by “loved” I mean pitched a crying fit when we left…