Daisy Love Update

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We cannot thank you enough for helping us to help the Merrick family reach their goal for sweet Daisy Love’s cancer treatments.  Below is a graphic of the goals accomplished for her and we feel honored to have been a part of reaching that goal in some small way.  You, sweet friends, are the ones to enabled us to be a part of it and for that, we thank you.

Our Daisy Love necklace has been out of stock for over a month (yay for lots of sales to help make a difference!) but will be back in stock very soon, so please keep supporting Daisy and her treatments.  For updates on our sweet petite friend, please visit www.prayfordaisy.com.  You are sure to be blessed by what you read there.

We have been so blessed by our interactions with each one of you.  Your incredibly generous, kind hearts and sweet words of encouragement have been such a light to us.  In helping Daisy, we have truly been blessed far more than we could have imagined.  Isn’t that the way it so often works?  When we focus on others and give of ourselves, we receive in ways that we couldn’t have imagined.  That’s something good to remember as we prioritize our lives, sifting through the barrage of things that demand our attention and focus on who and what really matters.

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