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Late Summer Harvest

late summer harvest email

Introducing our newest collection, the Late Summer Harvest.  Lustrous labradorite with flecks of blue, green, purple and grey along with stunning sunstone in a gorgeous burnt orange sky color are featured throughout the collection.  Neutral colors of smoky grey pyrite and white freshwater pearls are offset by pops of turquoise.  With this mix of colors, these designs are perfect for taking you from Summer to Fall in your wardrobe.  (Sidenote:  We could NOT be more excited that Fall is almost here.  Bring on the pumpkin flavors and cooler weather!)

Check out our most recent designs on our website here and let us know in the comments below – which is your favorite and how would you wear it?

N7563-GF-SUN-PYR-web B9327-GV-LAB-web N9837-B-SUN-GF-web E6113-TQ-SUN-web B9327-GV-SUN-web E3122-LAB-GF-web E5130-SUN-LAB-GF-web


N9895-GF-LAB-web E6114-LAB-PO-web

E7117-LAB-SUN-GF-web E4124-PYR-GF-web

Pretty in Pink

PS facebook pic


Today, we launched new designs - the Pink Sapphire Collection. Summer is the perfect time to get pretty in pink!  These fresh designs will spruce up your Summer wardrobe with a touch of sass and a dash of sweetness.  Click here to shop the full collection.


Carmel Chandelier Earrings in Pink Sapphire & White Freshwater Pearl


Balboa Bracelet in Turquoise with Pink Sapphire and White Freshwater Pearl Drop



Beaded Gem Drop Necklace in Pink Sapphire



Santa Barbara Necklace with Labradorite, Peruvian Opal and Pink Sapphire



Mill Valley Earrings in Pink Sapphire


N9899-RB-web Small Bar Necklace in Pink Sapphire


B9327-GV-PSA-PYR-web Kentfield Bracelet in Pink Sapphire, Pyrite and White Freshwater Pearls


Hello, Summer!



Introducing our latest collection that is sure to keep you cool during these hot Summer months!  With glimmering shades of pink, blue, sea foam green and iridescent grey, these designs look amazing with white jeans and a tank top or with a strapless Summer dress.  Check out the new collection on our website here.


Classic With a Twist

Introducing our newest Summer collection:  Classic with a Twist.  This collection features genuine white freshwater pearls in every design, creating the perfect Summer look.  While pearls are a definitive classic, we’ve put a modern twist on them with these fresh designs, making them a modern version of an elegant classic. Pearls are the birthstone for June, so these designs are also perfect for the fashionista celebrating her birthday this month or the lady in your life who has just had a baby and wants to show off the birthstone of her new little blessing.

Check out the new collection here.  We want to know. . . What is your favorite of the new designs?  Comment below!


New Designs for Spring!


We’ve added lots of gorgeous new designs to the website this week!

This faceted smoky quartz and gold vermeil necklace is 36″ long, making it extra versatile.
Wear it long for a trendy look or double it up for a perfect jeans and t-shirt pop of style!

Check out all of our new arrivals here.


Trunk Show Today!


MOB Flier


Still need a gift for Mom?


Join us TODAY at a pop up shop…
just in time for Mother’s Day!


Shop Andrea Montgomery Designs jewelry,
along with other Mom Owned Businesses and support
local moms while finding a gift for yours (or yourself!)


Saturday, May 3rd from 11am to 3pm
at Langford Market’s West Ave location
2800 Kirby Drive
Houston, Texas


Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is just around the corner!  Not sure what to get her?
Don’t worry. . . we’ve got you covered!  We’ve put together a handy gift guide for you with a few ideas.*


 1.  Emerald Cut Smoky Quartz Necklace - This necklace is simply chic.  We are in love with the unique emerald cut on this smoky quartz.
It is classic and looks amazing paired with everything in her closet.

2.  Simple Beauty Earrings – Whiskey Quartz - These earrings are a rich whiskey color and look great on everyone
and when the light catches the checkerboard facets. . . stunning!

3.  Lombard Bracelet - Slightly casual, but effortlessly hip, this bracelet blends gold vermeil and freshwater pearls,
wrapping around three times for a look is stand-out lovely.

4.  Gem Drop Necklace – Swiss Blue Topaz - Simple, clean and gorgeous, the quality of this crystal-clear blue topaz
is undeniable and gives an elegant look.

5.  Burke Bracelet – Chrysophase & Diamonds - The perfect blend of hip and dressy, this bracelet adds a chic statement &
a fabulous pop of color to your favorite watch or layers of other bracelets.


*To ensure delivery by Mother’s Day, please place orders by Saturday, May 3rd.

For more gift ideas, check out our website at
Still not sure what to pick?  Let her decide for herself – we’ve got gift certificates, too!


Help Children & Win a Free Necklace!


If you read our blog or follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, then you know about our friends in San Francisco who are fighting to bring their adopted son, Miles Jephte, home from the Congo.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my blog post about it here.  If you want more background on the family and their specific situation, check out their blog, In the Time Between.  I’m passionate about helping them bring their son, who has been legally adopted as of December 2012, home.  Finally.  I’m also passionate about the countless other children who have been legally adopted and yet are being denied exit letters by the DRC government, whose precious little lives hang in the balance as their “forever parents” wait patiently with loving arms for their children to be able to come home.  I’m passionate about the U.S. Government using their resources to engage in a dialogue with the DRC to help these U.S. families and these children in limbo, rather than ignoring the situation entirely.  One way to draw their attention to this matter is to sign a petition that has been drafted asking them to take notice.  Yesterday, I shared that link with you all via my blog, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.  So did countless other people who have been touched by this situation in one way or another.  In the past 24 hours, 54,000 signatures have been received on the petition.  54,000.  In a day.  That number boggles my mind.  People care.  People are concerned.  People. . . are using their voices.

It’s time to take this to the next level, friends.   We need even more signatures. I know how it is – you read stuff on a blog or on Facebook and you’re moved. . . for a moment.  Your heart skips a beat or cracks just a little and you honestly, genuinely feel something for the people you’re reading about.  But, there is just so much out there.  So much heartbreak.  So many causes.  So many stories of injustice that our minds start to swirl with the thoughts of them all and we just get overwhelmed.  And when I get overwhelmed, sometimes I just shut down.  I hate to admit it, but it’s a self-preservation thing for me and sometimes I just cannot engage.  Or, I don’t have time.  Or, I honestly think I’ll do it later.  I know how it is. . . and I don’t want you to do that in this case.  Signing this petition takes under 30 seconds and makes your voice heard on behalf of these little children.  Still, it’s a time investment, even if it is 30 seconds, and so – I’m going to give you a little incentive – a chance to win our popular faceted teardrop Swiss blue topaz gem drop necklace shown here:

N9837-SBT- closeup

Here’s how to win:  First, go sign the petition here.  (This is on the honesty policy – I’m going to trust you that you did it.)  Then, do one or more of the things listed in the Rafflecopter link below the necklace photo to be entered into the giveaway.  Don’t forget that you can do more than one of them to be entered more than once.  The contest ends at midnight EST on Sunday, April 6th.  Good luck!

{Update:  This contest is now closed.  Congratulations to Brandee on her new necklace!  Thanks to all of you who entered and thanks, most of all, for helping this sweet family!  Congress has taken notice because of your efforts on the petition and has contacted the DRC government in support of these families.  Praise!}


N9837-SBT-detailed web



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t Get Pinched!


Make a Statement!



We are in the middle of rodeo season here in Houston and it has been so fun to see the fashion that goes with this fun time of year.  Today’s post is the third in our series of rodeo fashion posts.  There are so many ways to make your outfit cowgirl chic with just a few pieces of jewelry added to your outfit.  You can add a pair of statement earrings, or embrace the layering trend with some dainty necklaces that work well together.  Or, you can go with a statement necklace, which is what we’re talking about today.

A statement necklace can turn a simple ensemble into a “wow” one.  With a great fitting pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt or a crisp white button-down shirt, a statement necklace really brings the whole outfit together and adds a focus point, which is always fun and draws attention up to your face.  A statement necklace may have a large pendant or some striking gemstones involved and though it may cost a bit more (although it doesn’t have to!) the price-per-wear combined with the wow-factor, makes it a wise investment, especially if you’re buying something that gives a little new life to a wardrobe piece that’s already in your closet!

Check out the photos below – we’ve compiled an idea board filled with statement necklaces that would look fabulous at the rodeo…or anywhere you want a bit of cowgirl chic!




Top left:  Teal Agate Necklace

Top right:  Sausalito Necklace in Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Middle:  Turquoise Waterfall Necklace with Tiger Pendant

Lower left:  Large Turquoise Teardrop Pendant Necklace

Lower right:  Moonstone Necklace


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