Andrea Montgomery’s designs are sophisticated and yet rooted in simplicity.  Their uniqueness affords them great versatility.  The pieces are classic, with a modern twist and the intense hues add a bit of sparkle to any outfit.  All of the pieces are handmade designs meant to be lasting additions to any wardrobe.

Andrea is proud of her Texas heritage.  A native Houstonian, growing up, she enjoyed school and formed lasting, treasured friendships.  She attended Trinity University in San Antonio where she earned degrees in Business and English, a true testament to her complex personality that interweaves her creative and analytical sides.  She studied abroad at Oxford University in England and it was there that she really began to appreciate travel to foreign countries.  She has enjoyed travel to Mexico, Indonesia and Sri Lanka in service capacities and also to Australia and a wide variety of destinations in Europe, always taking home with her a bit of new culture to incorporate into her personal style.

Andrea began eleven years ago creating pieces of jewelry for herself and soon, friends and family began asking her to make jewelry for them.  At first, her designs consisted mostly of beads and crystals from a local shop, but soon her love of jewelry spurred her on to create more sophisticated pieces.  Now, she uses unique combinations of precious and semi-precious stones, pearls and diamonds from around the world.  She has trained in metalsmithing at both Glassell School of Art in Houston and Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco.

Andrea’s genuine personality is reflected in her love of life.  Her fun-loving nature is represented in her designs, which exemplify her enthusiastic approach to life.  Each piece is strongly influenced by her character.  She currently resides in San Francisco with her husband and son.

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