Jewelry Trends: What’s Right Now?

Earlier this week, I promised you an introduction to some of my friends who you absolutely need to know.  Today, the first introduction happens…

My friend Natalie loves fashion, though that isn’t how I met her.  Natalie and I worked together at a boutique energy consulting firm back in the day.  We hit it off the moment we met (although that might be because we were forced to sing a Brittney Spears song onstage together at a company meeting… but that’s a story for another day.)  She was always talking trends and making comments about what looks exceptionally good on people, etc.  (Don’t worry, she’s never snarky!)  Then, last year, Natalie quit the corporate life and started her own business. Natalie is an image consultant who helps people clear the clutter from their wardrobes, look great everyday, and project the best version of themselves.   (more…)

Hair Tutorial

michaela noelle-waterfall braid

We are absolutely thrilled that an Andrea Montgomery necklace is featured in this fun hair tutorial post.  The always-stylish Michaela Warner was asked to do a hair tutorial on her fabulous waterfall braid for Rue Magazine’s daily inspiration, Rue Daily, which you can see by clicking on that link.  Her hair and outfit are so lovely and she has inspired us to try something new with our hairstyling (which, let’s admit, has been a daily ponytail as of late!)  Also, we are loving the pop of green in her top.  Emerald is Pantone’s color of the year for 2013 and it has been everywhere this Spring, adding a fresh breath of life all over town! (more…)