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Help Children & Win a Free Necklace!


If you read our blog or follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, then you know about our friends in San Francisco who are fighting to bring their adopted son, Miles Jephte, home from the Congo.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my blog post about it here.  If you want more background on the family and their specific situation, check out their blog, In the Time Between.  I’m passionate about helping them bring their son, who has been legally adopted as of December 2012, home.  Finally.  I’m also passionate about the countless other children who have been legally adopted and yet are being denied exit letters by the DRC government, whose precious little lives hang in the balance as their “forever parents” wait patiently with loving arms for their children to be able to come home.   (more…)

Get the Scoop on our Flash Sales!


Are you on our email list? Friends with us on Facebook? Following us on Twitter? Checking us out on Instagram? If so, you’ll know the coupon codes for our spontaneous flash sales. And if not, you need to be!

The necklace above is today’s Friday flash sale item and you can grab it for over 50% off today only! This faceted carnelian coin-shaped beauty looks fantastic with your favorite white shirt or layered with a turquoise piece for an extra pop. Connect with us via one of the links above so that you’ll always be in the know about our great deals.

Happy Fourth of July!


We hope your 4th of July is filled with fun, family and fireworks.  And to keep you sparkling for the holiday weekend, we’re celebrating with 35% off our entire website!  Shop early for the best deals because quantities are highly limited.  Use coupon code FLAG at checkout for the savings!

Thanks for all of your support over the years.  We really appreciate our amazing customers.  You guys simply rock!  We wish you a safe and sparkly Independence Day as we celebrate the rich heritage of our great country.

There’s a Paris, Texas?

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 8.51.14 AM


One of my friends I’ll be introducing you to in a few weeks is Paul Hotze, who co-founded the fabulous Paris Texas Apparel Co with his brother, Patrick.  I’ve known Paul pretty much my entire life (like, I literally cannot remember not knowing him) and one thing is consistent about him (other than the fact that he’s a really nice guy) – he can always make you laugh.  He’s got a real talent for it…and apparently, also for designing cool ties.

We’ll chat more with Paul on our blog soon, because he is definitely a friend that you should know, but for now, I didn’t want you to miss this super cute video he made.  Paul is the jogger in the video and no, he doesn’t always dress like that (but it’s also not entirely out of the ordinary, either…) (more…)

Meet Michaela.


You know those blogs that you accidentally stumble upon and you get complete sucked in and read a ton of posts, savoring every gorgeous photo and fabulous design/style/fashion/DIY-project/food/home photo on there until you look up and realize you’ve spent 30 minutes (or more!) on a rabbit trail and can’t even remember what you were supposed to be doing before you got pulled into such a lovely and inspiring vortex?

Yeah, me neither.  Kidding!  It happens to me.  A lot.   There is just so much amazing content out there!  I find that I’m adding things to my Google Reader account (where they will promptly be pulled into the gorgeous Flipboard app on my iPad for my eye candy consumption) quite often these days.  (P.S.  Flipboard is, by far, one of my favorite apps.  If you don’t already have it – grab it.  It’s free and if you love flipping through pretty magazines you’ll love it!  It’s like a lovely magazine filled with the content that YOU choose.  Brilliant!) (more…)

A Daisy Love Update


Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who supported our fundraiser for Daisy Love Merrick.  Your outpouring of love and generosity buying the necklace that I designed with little Daisy’s help was beyond anything that we imagined when we first hoped to help this sweet girl.  Thank you for helping us be a part of ministering to Daisy in this difficult time.  There is a “thank you” drawing from Daisy at the bottom of this post.

The funds we raised last Fall went toward’s Daisy’s treatment.  By God’s grace, the family quickly surpassed their fundraising goal of $500,000 and went to Israel to pursue alternative treatments there. In November, the Merricks came back to California.   (more…)