A Home Trunk Show


This morning, my sweet friend hosted a trunk show for me at her lovely home.  She is just about one of the most creative friends that I know.  She attended Parsons School of Design when we were living in New York and has made jewelry, designed clothes, mastered cooking and brings a dose of creativity to pretty much everything she does – which is a lot with her three kids!

One thing she is currently pursuing with amazing creativity is her commitment to Alfie, her Elf on a Shelf.  She puts most other Elf on a Shelfers to shame – or inspires them with awesome ideas.  I’m not sure which.  I’m not an Elf-er, but if you are and want fabulous ideas for things your elf can do (if you have a decent amount of free time!) you should follow her on Instagram here.

For this morning’s Alfie escapade, Michele had a jewelry heist theme, in honor of my trunk show.  It was super cute!  Photos below…