Friends You Need to Know

LatteArt__2008-08-01_07-59-58_A latte

At the first parent-teacher conference of the year, my second grade teacher, Mrs. Hopkins, sat my mother down.  She looked thoughtfully at the papers on her desk and then looked my mother straight in the eye (she was an straight-shooter, this one) and very slowly said, “Andrea is an extremely social child.”  My mother looked right back at her, smiled and said, “Tell me something I don’t know.”  So, apparently, I’ve been this way for as long as anyone can remember.

I always kind of thought it was a family joke, since all kids are pretty friendly, but now that I have my own children and my first seems to have a personality that is eerily similar to mine, I have a new understanding of what they were saying.  

This kid has been going up to strangers at restaurants to say hello since before he was even a year old.  He calls everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, we see on the street “friend.”  Even the random kid who bit him on the playground a few months ago is remembered as such when he tells the story, saying, “That friend bit me.” (This one always makes me roll my eyes, as I certainly do NOT consider that attacker a friend!  My son had nightmares for weeks.  But, I digress…) My point is that I love people.  And I love my friends.  And I really, really love connecting people with my friends.  I’m that girl that my friends call when they’re going to a wedding in a random town and need a trusted babysitter.  I’m the person who hooked my husband’s co-worker’s sister (who I still have never met) up with some moms in Ft. Worth since she was moving there with her family and didn’t know a soul.  I love doing it.  It helps people out and it’s super fun.

Recently, I realized that I have so many friends doing cool things and I should totally introduce you to them.  So, I’m officially starting a series of guest posts. It’s guaranteed fun for everyone!  It’s high time you meet some of my fabulous friends.  Check back this Friday for the kickoff post in the series.  Grab a cup of coffee and your iPad or laptop and get ready to meet a new friend.  You won’t want to miss what style guru Natalie Weakly wants to share.