Graduation Day

Phelan Building

Today was Graduation Day!  For the past two months, I’ve been attending the Jewelry Technician Intensive class at the Revere Academy for Jewelry Arts here in San Francisco.  It was a great experience and I learned so much.  We had instruction in casting, fabrication, chains, polishing & finishing, repair, trade practices and over 30 types of stone settings.  To say that the name “intensive” was accurate is a huge understatement!  Nineteen students took the class, some having moved here for the 8 week course from Germany, Mexico and the Philippines.  Keep an eye out for the designs to come from this group – they were amazing! 

The final project for the class was a “box ring” where we all started with the same basic ring construction and then created our own individual designs from that.  My design was a kaleidoscope ring – underneath the top stone there are tiny stones in various colors that move around when you shake it!  My design won an  award for “The Favorite Box Ring.”  It was created in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold –  pictured below.

box ring